I build custom websites that...

Showcase your unique style & brand

Warm up your cold market

Allow you to start new conversations, easily!

Help increase the legitimacy of your business

Make coaching easier, faster, and more fun!

If you’d like more information, then read on for more about my website design process, pricing, and more from my blog.  But… if you’re ready to talk about your website, just click the green button to send me a message.

The process we'll follow to design your site is easy...

Beachbody coach website design : Step 1 | Fitness Coach Marketing
Step 1: Initial call or Zoom

We'll take a few minutes on a call so I can understand from you what your Coaching business needs. I'll give you the info so you can decide what approach is right for you.

Beachbody coach website design : Step 2 | Fitness Coach Marketing
Step 2: We get to work!

I'll start your initial website design, based on the features you want. Meanwhile, you'll work on your content (i.e. Bio, pictures, videos, etc.) that I'll get on your site. Don't worry... I'll help you through this process the whole way!

Beachbody coach website design : Step 3 | Fitness Coach Marketing
Step 3: Review & Test

I'll load & edit in all of your content, and finalize the design. I'll test and make sure everything works... especially optimizing your site for use on a smartphone!

Beachbody coach website design : Step 4 | Fitness Coach Marketing
Step 4: Final Review & Next Steps

We'll hop on another call or Zoom and walk through your new site... and take it LIVE! If you'd like me to stay on to maintain your site (like most), we'll finalize our monthly agreement to keep your site up-to-date.

Check out what other Coaches are saying...

create great content for your website - alison hanlin homepage
Alison Hanlin
Star Diamond Beachbody Coach

Working with Steve was awesome. He took my site from a very plain, unprofessional site to an engaging site that gets me excited about blogging again. Not only did he work quickly but we also had 3 meetings over a 2 week period. This proved to me he really cared about his work and truly wanted to understand what I wanted my site to be. Hiring Steve was one of the best investments I have made in my business. Thank you Steve for making my vision a reality!

April Goggins
Diamond Beachbody Coach

Steve has helped me learn to blog and connect with more people using my website. In addition, he manages my email list follow-up, which has resulted in more retail commissions each month!

Teresa Curtis
Star Diamond Beachbody Coach

Steve has been really great!

Kristin Burns
2-Star Diamond Beachbody Coach

Steve was so helpful in a process where I was completely clueless. He provided several examples of sites that would work for my brand and explained things in a way I could understand.

My latest web designs

So, how can you get started with your own website?

First, review the examples of popular website Design Packages below. Take a look so you can get a rough idea of where you want to start. Second, fill out the contact form below where it says ``Let's Talk``. I'll reach out to you to schedule a time to discuss what you want from your website to help grow your fitness business!

Example Coach Website Design Packages

These are the most common groups of features that others choose. You and I can start with any feature set and build in additional features or remove other features to land on the right fit for your needs. Pricing varies by your specific needs. Click ``Learn More`` and let me know what questions you have, and I can quote your project for you right away.

  • Getting started

  • $$

  • Ideal for starting your Coaching site.  Start more conversations on your blog, and help your customers & Coaches get to know you better!
  • Learn more
  • Expanding business

  • $$$

  • Includes all features from the “Getting Started” package.  Also, perfect for not only starting more conversations, but also sharing your unique training opportunity, adding to your groups, and interacting with your visitors.
  • Learn more
  • Maximizing your results

  • $$$$

  • Includes all features from the “Expanding business” package, and is the go-to package to not only build your full-featured site, but also automate your customer & lead emails, as well as customize your visitor experience depending on how they find your site.
  • Learn more
If you’d like more information about working with me to build  your website, just click the green button to send me a message.